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: tech-savvy (comparative more tech-savvy, superlative most tech-savvy): A hyphenated compound of "technological" and "savvy" indicating proficiency in the use of technology. It is usually used to describe an individual who displays an ability to effectively employ desktop/laptop computers and consumer-level technological gadgets but may also be used for someone who has an affinity for the use of technology within a particular domain or field. Comparative: "...more tech-savvy"; Superlative "...most tech-savvy".

: Our focus is to make technology work for you!
We believe that addressing our current global challenges requires a fundamental shift in how we think and learn, in particular how we use digital technology to enhance our abilities to simulate, understand, and succeed in the world marketplace.

It’s essential that individuals and entrepreneurs keep constantly up to date, especially in the area of technology.  Exciting new tools are created daily, and we all must stay on top of technology if we wish to remain relevant in todays economy.