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Glossary of Computer Terms Print

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LAN or LANS - Is a Local Area Network.

Last Recently Used - Refers to a replacement method, typically used in database management systems, where the block that has not been used for the longest time is the first to be replaced.

LCC or LCCs - Refer to Live Content Channels.

LCD - Is a Liquid Crystal Display. This low power display contains a liquid crystal solution between two sheets of polarizing material. Each crystal can open or shut when triggered by an electric current.

LED - Is a Light Emitting Diode.

Left Hand Circular Polarization - Refers to a method of radio energy emission where the electric and magnetic field vectors rotate counterclockwise about the central axis of radiation.

LEO, LEOs, or LEOS - Refer to Low Earth Orbit satellites.

LFSR or LFSRs - Refers to Linear Feedback Shit Register or Linear Feedback Shift Registers.

LGN - Refers to the Landsat Ground Network.

LGS - Refers to the Landsat 7 Ground Station.

Link or Links - Refer to explicit connections to other documents or files within a site or to other sites.

LinkLooker™ - Refers to a proprietary spider technology developed by Oasis Global, Inc. that monitors and tallies links to single or multiple websites. It has quantum capabilities and can trace and relate these links.

LISP - Refers to the List Processing language.

Live Content Channels - Refer to dynamic content typically displayed within a javascript channel.

LLC - Refers to Logical Link Control or Logic Link Control.

Local - Refers to the computer or device that the user connects to the remote, host, or server. It can provide a frame of reference for transmission flows.

LOF - Is the local oscillator frequency.

LogDog™ - Refers to a HTTP log analysis system that allows an administrator broad summary views of an internet or intranet website to detailed information specific to a network node.

It has security features built in to detect intrusion or tampering attempts.

The LogDog is used to map traffic patterns and mine valuable marketing statistics. It allows datasets to be separated or unioned together giving the controler the ability to create LAN/WAN micro/macrocosms.

Logical Condition - Refers to a boolean operator that is true if its rules are met. If not it is false.

LOS - Refers to Loss of Signal.

LP DAAC - Is the Land Process Distributed Active Archive Center.

LPS - Is the Landsat 7 Processing System.

LRU - Refers to Last Recently Used.

LSE - Refers to Launch Site Equipment.

LV - Is a Launch Vehicle.

LVD - Low Voltage Differential.

LWIR - Is Long Wavelength InfraRed.