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Glossary of Computer Terms Print

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MAGE - Is Mechnical Aerospace Ground Equipment.

MDR - Refers to the Minimum Data Rates.

MDI - Refers to a Multiple Document Interface.

Mega - Refers to million or millions.

MegaHertz - Refers to a million Hertz. It is one million occillations/cycles per second.

member data - Is data belonging to a class.

member function - Is a function that belongs to a specific class.

Mhz - See MegaHertz.

MIB - Is a Management Information Base.

mice - Refer to more than one mouse. Mice is synonymous with mouses.

MIDI- refers to the Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

MIME - See Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

MMO - Is the Mission Management Office.

MOC - Is the Mission Operations Center.

MODEM - Refers to a MOdulator DEModulator. Modems are used to translate digital signals to analog and visa-versa. Typically these devices are used to transfer data between computers across analog phone lines.

MOPSS - Is a Mission Operations Planning and Scheduling System.

Montmort, Pierre Remond De - See Pierre Redmond De Montmort.

MOR - Is the Missions Operations Room.

Mouse - Is a device that enables a user to point and click at links, icons, or other images on a monitor. Also, it can quickly position a cursor or similar usage pointing figure. It complements a keyboard.

Some people refer to mouses as the plural form of mouse.

MP3 - See MPEG-Layer III.

MPEG - Refers to the Moving Picture Experts Group.

MPEG-Layer III - Refers to a lossy audio file compression scheme developed by the Moving Picture Experts Groups.

Moving Picture Experts Group - Is a sub-division of the ISO/IEC. Click here to visit their website.

MPP - Refers to a Massively Parallel Processor.

MTU or MTUs - Refers to maximum transmission unit. The largest amount of data that can be sent across a specific network in a single packet.

Multiplexor - Is a switching device.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions - Refers to a process of converting binary data to base64 so that it can be transported across the internet in an attachment within an ASCII format. It may also refer to the document or attachment itself.

Murray, Neil V. - See Neil V. Murray Ph.D.

Mutually Exclusive - Is a set of events in which if one happens the other does not. An example is the tossing of a "normal" coin. Either it is head or it is tails. It cannot be both. Another would be a hockey game where a team could either lose, tie or win. A team cannot win and lose, tie and lose, tie and win, or lose and tie and win.

MUX or mux - See Multiplexor.