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OASIS™ - Is the place where Finance and Technology converge and is Online Applications Systems and Investment Services.. Overlay Asset Strategies and Investment Services and software for online and traditional investment activities.

OBD - Refers to Out of Band Data.

Object - Is an instance of a class.

OBDD - Refers to an Ordered Binary Decision Diagram.

OCD - Refers to an Operations Concept Document.

OCR - Refers Optical Character Recognition. This is computer software that once loaded can translate bitmap images into ASCII text through pattern recognization techniques.

ODB - Is an Operational Database.

OEM or OEMs - Refer to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

OLCC or OLCCs - Refer to OASIS Live Content Channels.

OLE - Refers to Object Linking and Embedding.

OMA - Refers to the Object Management Architecture.

Online - Refers to ability to communicate with another computer via telecommunications. Previously, it implied a more direct connection to a dedicated computer. Since the mid 1990s, it has taken on a broader context of being able to use the net or World Wide Web.

OOP - Is Object Oriented Programming.

Ordered Binary Decision Diagram - Is a way of expressing a decision tree where all equal sub expressions have been eliminated and all variables occur in the same ordering on all paths from the root of the Binary Decision Diagram.

OS - Refers to Operating System.

OSI - Refers to Open Systems Interconnection, which is a set of standards engineered to allow computer systems to exchange data.