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Glossary of Computer Terms Print

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SAIC - Is the Science Applications International Corporation.

SAN - Refers to Storage Area Network.

SCP - Is a Standard Control Processor.

SCTE - Is the Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers.

SDI - Is a Single Document Interface.

SDSL - Is a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

Secured Transaction or Secured Transmission - Refers to the capability or the execution of an activity on the web which is expected to be private and not vulnerable to outsiders.

Serial Transmission - Refers to moving data one bit at a time.

SET or SETs - Refer to Secured Electronic Transactions.

SGML - Refers to Standard General Markup Language. It is also known as Standard Generalized Markup Language.

Shannon algorithm - See the Wetherall/Shannon algorithm.

Shannon, Claude Elwood - See the Wetherall/Shannon algorithm.

Shannon Expression - See the Wetherall/Shannon algorithm.

SHTTP - Is Secure HTTP or Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

shutdown - Refers to the process directly before and/or the process of turning off a system.

sid or SID - Refers to a Site In Development.

Sidereal Day - Is the amount of time it takes the Earth to rotate 360 degree about its axis. It is about 1436.07 minutes.

simulator - Is a computer program that simulates a real-world situation. Simulator may also refer to an emulator.

simulation - Is an artificial situation or enviroment. Simulation may refer to a VR world or a simulation of probabilities such as market events.

SimeĆ³n-Denis Poisson - Was an important French mathmatician and a student of Laplace whom generalized DeMoivre's formula. His generalization is known as the Poisson Approximation or Poisson distribution.

Site or Sites - Refers to an Address, Location, or URL which is developed or under construction.

SLIC or SLICs - Refer to Subscribe Line Interface Chip or Chips.

SLR - Refers to Single Lens Reflex. This term if often used in conjunction with 32mm cameras which through the user of mirrors and prisims the operator is able to view the target through the main aperture.

SMA - Refers to S-band Multiple Access.

SMP - Is Symmetric Multi-Processing.

SMTP - Is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

SN - Refers to a Serial Number.

It may also refer to a Space Network.

SNF - Refers to the Skolem Normal Form.

SOCC - Refers to a Satellite Operations Control Center.

Solar Day - Refers to a period of exactly 24 hours or 1440 minutes.

SPAM - Is often viewed as unsolicited email. Many compare this to junk email.

SPAMMED - Is often viewed from the perspective of a party which received unsolicited email. This email is often a part of a mass marketing campaign.

SPAMMING - Is often viewed as the act of sending unsolicited email. This multiple or vast emailing is often compared to mass junk mailings.

Spider or Spiders - Refer to programs which visit sites to collect, record or index the pages or content. Generally, spiders are considered as robots which move from link-to-link within the site. This movement is assumed to be comparable to a spider tracing a web.

Spool - Refers to a queue of jobs for printers.

SQL - Is Sequential Query Language.

SS - Refers to Satellite Segment.

SSA - Refers to S-band Single Access.

SSI - Refers to Server Side Included or Server Side Includes. Some call it Side Server Included.

SSL - Refers to Secure Socket Layer.

SSP - Refers to a Sub-satellite Point.

SSR - Refers to a Solid State Recorder.

Stearns, Richard Edwin - See Richard Edwin Stearns Ph.D.

Steven Hawkings Ph.D - Is a scientist famed for his works on singularity and theories of black holes. Hawkings claims that time travel may be possible through the use of warm holes. Dr. Hawkings has also given lectures on string theory and classical theory.

Stirling, James - See James Stirling.

Stream - Refers to the way data is delivered. Data is often said to flow in a stream.

Streaming - Refers to the flow of data, information or images. A ticker tape is one example.

STRIPS - Refers to an implementation of a General Problem Solver written in Prolog.

struct - Is a C Structure. See record.

structure - See record.

STOL - Is a Systems Test and Operations Language.

STS or STSs - Refer to Space Transportation System or Space Transportation Systems.

Sub-satellite Point - Is the surface location on the Earth between the satellite and the geo-center.

SWIR - Is Short Wavelenght InfraRed.