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Glossary of Computer Terms Print

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DARPA - Is the Defense Applied Research Projects Agency.

Database - Is a repository for information or data. Databases are often indexed so that they may be searched more efficiently.

db - Refers to Decibels.

DB - is a Database.

dc or DC - Refers to Direct Current.

DDE - Refers to the process of Dynamic Data Exchange.

DEK - Is a Data Encryption Key.

Descending Node - Refers to the sub-satellite point of a satellite pass when the satellite crosses the equator from the Northern Hemisphere into the Southern Hemisphere.

Decision - Is a determination of future action.

Decision Tree - Is a listing of all the possible outcomes of an expression. Typically decision trees are for boolean expressions.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - Is the core research and development organization for the Department of Defense.

Definite Clause Grammar - Is a varation of the Backus-Naur Form.

Demoivre, Abraham - He was a French mathmatician who fled to England in 1685. He is famed for devising the Central Limits Theorems, which justify the use of normal approximations. He also created the first known table that shows the present value of a lifelong annuity.

Deep Thought™ - Refers to a trademark intelligent search engine technology developed by Oasis Global Inc.

Destructor - Is a function that destroys an object.

Device or Devices - Is a broad term. It can refer to computers, printers, modems, monitors, appliances, or other units which operate on chips.

DFS - refers to Depth First Search.

DHCP - Is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

DHTML - Is Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language.

DIB - Is a Device Independent Bitmap.

Digital Signal - Is a signal defined by patterns of binary impulses of electrons. Some examples of digital signals are EIA, NRZ-L, NRZI, and HDLC.

DII - Dynamic Invoaction Interface.

DIMM - Refers to Dual In-Line Memory Module. It is a small circuit board that contains DRAM chips and connects to the system board.

DIP Switch - Is a Dual-In-line Package Switch.

Disjunction - Refers to a logical OR. Disjunction contrasts with conjunction.

Disjunctive Normal Form - Refers to an order of logical equations where there is a disjunction of conjunctions and no conjunction contains a disjunction. For example the DNF of ((A OR B) AND C) would be ((A AND C) OR (B AND C)).

DIX Ethernet - Refers to the original ethernet developed by Digital, Intel and Xerox.

dll or DLL - Is a Dynamic Link Library or Dynamic Loaded Libraries

DM - Refers to Delta Modulation.

DMA - Is Direct Memory Access. A DMA channel permits specified types of data transfers between RAM and a device to bypass a microprocessor.

DNA - Is "Does Not Apply."

DNF - Refers to Disjunctive Normal Form.

DCNNF - Refers to Decomposable Negation Normal Form.

DNS - Is the Domain Name Server.

DOC - Refers to the Department of Commerce. DOC may also refer to documentation or manuals.

DOD - Is the Department of Defense.

DOJ - Is the Department of Justice.

down - See shutdown.

Download or Downloads - Is the transfer of data, information or files from a remote site to a local site. Often viewed in terms of a local user or programmer receiving files, software, data, information, or other digitized signals hosted at a remote server.

DRAM - Refers to Dynamic Random Access Memory.

DSA - Refers to a Directory System Agent.

DSL - Is a Digital Subscriber Line.

DSN - Is a Deep Space Network.

DSP - Refers to Digital Sound Processing or Digital Signal Processing.

DTE - Is Data Terminal Equipment.

DUA - Is a Directory User Agent.

Dual-In-line Package Switch - These are often used to set IRQ and DMAs for modems, video cards, sound cards and other slot add ins. They often function like flip-flops connected to a multiplexor, but may be connected to multiple multiplexors and/or other devices. DIPs are common on EISA or VESA cards and are rare on PCI cards with plug and play compatibility.

Dual Scan Display - Is a type of LCD that is partitioned into two parts. Each part is simultaneously scanned. This improves contrast and reduces shadowing effects.

DVD - Refers to Digital Video Disk. It is a format for viewing and storing movies or data and can refer to the disk itself.