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Glossary of Computer Terms Print

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FAC - Refers to Full Aperture Calibration.

FAT - Is the File Allocation Table. It is a file system structure utilized by MS-DOS for organizing and tracking file storage.

FAQ - Refers to Frequently Asked Questions.

FAX - Is a facsimile or a facsimile device.

FCC - Is the Federal Communications Commission.

FDF - Is a Flight Dynamics Facility.

FDMA - Refers to Frequency Division Multiple Access.

Financial Glossary - Go to Barkley's OASIS® Comprehensive Financial Glossary Financial, Investing, Portfolio and Risk Management Terms.

Flash Memory - Refers to a type of EEPROM chip that can be reprogrammed. This reprogramming is often executed from a utility program.

Flip-Flops - Refer to switches each capable of storing a bit of information.

Float - Is a floating point number.

floor or floor() - Is a function that rounds data down.

FLOPS - Refers to floating point opperations per second.

FM - Refers to Frequency Modulation.

FOIA - Refers to the Freedom of Information Act.

FOM - Is a Flight Operations Manager.

Foriegn Exchange Application Program Interface™ - Is a set of commands and functions that allow programmers to integrate live currency exchange rates into their programs.

FORMATS - Is a FDF Orbital and Mission Aids Transformation System.

FOT - Is a Flight Operations Team.

FPU - Is a Floating Point Processor.

FPS or fps - Refers to frames per second.

FPU - Is a Floating Point Unit.

FORTRAN - Refers to the Formula Translation Language where problems are expressed in algabraic notation.

FOT - Is a Flight Operations Team.

Frames - Refers to the partitioning of a site's page into two or more viewable segments. These framed segments can be independently viewed or scrolled.

The underlying structure of a packet that is delivered across a network. Frame headers typically store information suchs as the source and destination of the encapsulated data.

Frames may also refer to structure of data stored in memory or a single still from a movie or animation.

Frames Per Second - is a measurement used to convey the speed of a video or motion picture. FPS is often used to measure the smoothness of real time rendered computer graphics, a higher frame rate is associated with higher quality. Higher frame rates require more bandwith for pre-rendered graphics.

Frequency Division Multiple Access - Refers to an access technique for a network where nodes connected to the same channel can pass multiple signals simultaneously through the process of frequency band discrimination. Satellites and their ground stations commonly use this protocol.

FSK - Refers to Frequency-shift Keying.

FSW - Is a Flight Software.

FTP - Refers to File Transfer Protocol.

function member - See member function.

Fuzzy Logic - Refers to a computational approach where answers are expressed as probabilities or percentages of truth. As opposed to boolean logic where answers or true or false.

FXAPI™ - The Foriegn Exchange Application Program Interface.

FYI - Is For Your Information.