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gawk - Is the GNU implemention of AWK.

GCM - Refers to a Ground Control Message.

GCMR - Refers to a Ground Control Message Request.

GenSAA - Refers to a Generic Spacecraft Analyst Assistant.

GEO, GEOs, or GEOS - Refer to Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellites.

Geo-center - Is the center of the Earth.

gif or GIF - Is the Graphics Interchange Format.

Giga - Refers to billion or billions.

Giovanni Domenico Cassini - He was the first known observer of Saturn's four moons and discovered the gap in Saturn's rings now known as the Cassini division.

GIS - Refers to Geographic Information System or Geographic Information Systems.

GIS also refers to Global Information System or Global Information Systems.

GMT or G.M.T. - Is Greenwich Mean Time.

GN - Is a Ground Network.

GOES - Refers to a Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

GOSIP - Refers to the Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile.

Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile - Is a subset of OSI standards idiomatic to U.S. Government management. GOSIP was developed to increase compatability in areas where OSI standards are compliacted or unclear.

GPF - Is a General Protection Fault. This is a very serious error found in some Windows® software. It has potential to cause dataloss, program crashes and resource corruption.

GPS - Refers to a Global Positioning Satellite or Global Positioning System.

GRAMS™ - Is the Global Risk Analysis and Management System. See RAMS®.

Ground Track or ground-track - Refers to the imaginary line drawn on the Earth's surface by the sub-satellite points of the satellite's orbit.

GSFC - Is the Goddard Space Flight Center.

GTAS - Refers to a Generic Trend Analysis System.

GUI - Refers to Graphic User Interface or Graphical User Interface. This interface uses symbols, images or icons rather than text.

GUID or GUIDs - Refer to Globally Unique Identifiers.