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h - Refers to Hexadecimal. This is a base-16 numbering system that is often used in programming. Typically, it identifies or references addresses in the RAM and I/O memory.

halt - Refers to the process of stopping a system computer. Halt may also refer to a step in an algorithm.

Hang Time - Refers to a visitor's viewing presence at a site. Usually, long viewing times are considered more valuable.

Hard Copy - Refers to data in a physical medium. Typically refers to a printout or book as opposed to information in thought or RAM.

Steven Hawkings PhD. See Steven Hawkings.

HDLC - Refers to a High Level Data Link Control.

Heap - It is where data piles up.

Heap Dump - Refers to a listing of the data and memory addresses in the Heap.

Hertz - Is a unit of measurement equal to 1 oscillation per second.

Heuristic estimate - Refers to an alogorthim that attempts to estimate the distance between a current node and the goal node within a state/search space.

Hits, HITs, or HITS - Refers to activity at a site. This seemingly simple statistic can mean many different things. It can refer to visitors, unique visitors, unique Internet Hosts or Networks, number of pages viewed, number of all visuals on a page, and so on.

Host or Hosts - Refer to the parties which actually carry a site's files or information on their servers.

Hot Swapping - Is when a device is enclosed in an enclosure (often called a rack) that allows the device to be removed while the computer system using it remains in operation. This is done by providing a signal to the computer's I/O controller so the device appears to be connected (on-line) while it is being replaced.

Hot swapping in combination with RAID technology and frequent backups provides improved disk performance and reduces down-time due to drive failure. This is because the entire system does not need to be shutdown in order to replace a faulty device.

HPSS - refers to a High Performance Storage System.

HTML - Is Hyper Text Markup Language.

http or HTTP - Refers to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or Hyper Text Transport Protocol.

HUP - Refers to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. HUP also refers to Hang-up.

Hz - Refers to Hertz.