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The Neighborhood: MyCommunity


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You might have heard the term "social networking" in your travels on the Web. What does this mean? Are there places on the Web where people stand around with cocktails, handing out business cards, and network? Uh, not exactly. Social networking on the Web is similar to networking in real life, but with some crucial differences.

From families to friendships, we share experiences and interactions with groups. Our attachments to those groups strong or weak weave the fabric of association and community. A community is a social structure that shares personal values, cultural values, business goals, attitudes, or a world view. What binds it is a community culture of social rules and group dynamics that identify members.

An online community isn’t built or befriended, it’s connected by offering and accepting. Community is affinity, identity, and kinship that make room for ideas, thoughts, and solutions. Wherever a community gathers, we aspire and inspire each other intentionally . . . And our words hine with authenticity. Many social networking sites also offer platforms for discussion of topics that a community or network finds mutually interesting or beneficial.

In the most concise terms, an online social community is a group of like-minded individuals connected by interactions.

Check out the M:1 Community. Explore the many features, tools and cool technie stuff available online - join to meet new friends, connect with old friends and share your thoughts with others.

Standard Features

  • Translation Tool: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese.
  • Informative Articles, News and Features
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Interactive Clock
  • Weather & Forecast Updates
  • Polls, Quizzes & Surveys
  • Refer a Friend


Special Features

  • Chat & SMS
  • Personal Profile Pages
  • Games, Awards & Prizes
  • Classified Ads
  • Discussion Forum with numerous topics and categories
  • Private Messenger System to interact with friends, family and invited guests
  • Personal Blog & Photo Gallery
  • Mini Administrative Panel
  • Event calendar highlighting activities around town.